July 2016 archive

Time flies…

So the saying time flies really seems to apply here – I see my last blog post was December 20th! I came back from Christmas in Australia dragging kilograms of books and magazines with me (and of course some food), full of enthusiasm for where I had been, the best brunch I have ever eaten and all the fab things I was going to bake. And that all seemed to grind to a fatigue driven, joint aching autoimmune halt. Fast forward to July, I am still waiting to see a rheumatologist (appointment end August – note to self I should have been a rheumatologist as they are very scarce and apparently very popular) and it does seem like a second autoimmune disease has appeared. But despite the joint issues that I definitely do have, I am feeling better. I have gone back to pilates and gym, my flight to London is booked 24 September, my flight to Australia is booked 23 December,  and the time has come to begin 2016 for gluten free and vanilla. Better late than never!

So as inspiration to get started I am posting some of my favourite pics from my Instagram.

Flat white Weylandts

Coffee in the creative setting of The Kitchen at Weylandts in Kramerville – I think I would like to live here.

Sitting pretty Champagne at Kamers

I am always up for champagne – this time at Kamers 2016 (I did not even do a blog post on this, maybe I still will).

Gluten free chocolate souffle cupcakes

The weekend project: gluten-free chocolate soufflé cupcakes. Always add blueberries.

The eggspresso

The eggspresso from Motherland for Easter – do not be scared by the shot of Espresso – the melting chocolate inside more than makes up for this initial jolt to the system.

Best brunch ever Pixel Coffee

Best brunch ever at Pixel Coffee in Perth, blog post must be done. The plate alone is worthy of adoration.

Beaches of Western Australia

And the beaches of Western Australia – my other home away from home.

So…coffee, champagne, chocolate, best brunches and blue skies – this should be enough butt kicking inspiration to get started…