Hello and welcome to my life as a coeliac in Johannesburg. My name is Zoe and I was diagnosed a coeliac before the age of 2 (I was in hospital for many months and was diagnosed by intestinal biopsy). Born in the UK, I have lived in South Africa for over 20 years now and somehow it does not get easier. Yes there are more gluten-free products out there and more people are aware of what gluten is, but do they really understand? Sometimes not to my required standards it seems! For me it has to be 100% gluten-free.  And as more and more products have added starch and thickeners one needs to be a gluten detective. So this is my story. I love food and I am always on the lookout for new products and ingredients or places where I can find something fab to eat – I am not necessarily looking for gluten-free, dairy free, sugar-free food – gluten-free will suffice! That said, I am very interested in health and nutrition ( working on my masters proposal in psychology researching the link between mental health and nutrition) and have learnt a huge amount from Paleo diets and the like. But I do love anything with chocolate and vanilla, a little chocolate never hurt anyone (as long as it is gluten-free… even that is becoming a challenge lately).

I read the label of every single product I purchase and am always the one in a restaurant with 1000 questions.  But that is a necessity. I have also been lucky enough to travel to some far-flung places with work and have had some interesting experiences with food.  I do like to bake but this is not just a blog of recipes, this is me out and about, what new and exciting things I can find, what’s good and what’s not!

And my goal – to find a wickedly delicious gluten-free frosted chocolate cupcake!

If you have any questions free food feel free to drop me a comment or follow me on Pinterest.

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  1. JADE
    November 30, 2015 at 10:55 am (4 years ago)

    Hi Zoe,

    Pasta Café has recently launched a gluten-free Pasta Wrap and we would love for you to come and try it out!

    Please pop me an email if you would be interested.

    Thank you


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