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A gluten-free magic pill?

There was a post on Facebook recently regarding scientist Hoon Sunwoo who has researched a supplement for coeliac disease, which could be a gluten-free magic pill . This supplement “sticks to the problematic components of gluten that stir inappropriate reactions in the guts of coeliacs thus reducing the damage that would normally ensure”. The pill would be taken 5 minutes before eating. This is not to be viewed as a treatment or cure for coeliac disease but rather to just make life a little easier sometimes. Next is an efficiency trial so if this actually works it would be available in a few years (overseas I hasten to add). Read the full article here.

But this has really caused me some food for thought. If I could take this pill and eat a meal of my choice what would it be? I have (more when I was younger I admit) tried a nibble here and there of most things. But there is so much that I have never tasted – I have never tried a bagel or churros (churros always looks good being dipped into chocolate sauce), a prego roll, a profiterole, a deep fried something something, baguette, pasta… the list goes on.

I have narrowed it down to two options:

1. To really experience what it tastes like to eat bread, and with that I find myself at a grilled cheese sandwich. A recent post on Eat Out about “The Grilled Cheese Club” (a service in Cape Town that delivers grilled cheese sandwiches) made me realise that I would have to go to Bacon on Bree (a Baconporium, say no more) and order “The Harvey Specter” (ciabatta, bacon, brie, tomato and pesto). This sandwich indeed sounds worthy. Check out the menu here . Alternatively I have often sat at brunch with my bacon and eggs and stared rather longingly at my friends’ Croque Monsieur. Originating in France, this is a toasted cheese and ham sandwich originally topped with béchamel and traditionally made with Gruyere cheese. This sounds as good as it looks. And yes I could try and make my own versions of these, but the point is I want real bread and I want to be able to sit down, order and have someone else make it for me.

2. Pasta. I think pasta is a wonderful invention, and I can buy gluten-free pasta and cook it at home with a sauce I have made, but it’s not quite the same thing as having fresh pasta in an authentic Italian restaurant. And to do this I will need to fly to Italy and have a little Pesto Alla Genovese. The pesto world championships are held in Genoa and this dish originates there, so I will begin in this port city in Northern Italy, and then make my way to Rome for some Fettucine Alfredo and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.

So if this ever became a reality, I think ultimately budget would dictate which option will triumph!