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Crushing on Le Creuset

I have recently discovered, thanks to Martha Stewart, that a cast iron casserole dish is also referred to as a Dutch Oven. There is some irrelevant information for you! But I digress, the point of this post is Le Creuset. I have some small Le Creuset items… a whistling kettle (of course), cappuccino mugs, ramekins… and although I have always believed that my life would be better with a Le Creuset casserole, I have never felt that I could spend that amount of money on one kitchen item that would not be used every day. That is until now. A simple walk past a Le Creuset store and the sight of the new Cool Mint colour quickly changed all of that.


My favourite colour in general is anything slightly leaning towards a blue/teal, and until now I have Le Creuset Caribbean Blue with some Palm Green thrown in for good measure. Cool Mint was launched locally on 1 September and is earth shatteringly beautiful. To quote the Le Creuset blog, “Think mint ice creams and cool breezes, moreish mint macarons and long lunches in the shade of blossoming trees… Le Creuset colours are like jelly beans: fun, cheerful and available in a bright and beautiful mix.”

The good news is that Christmas is coming (face-it) and Le Creuset Cool Mint will be have a starring role in any list I may put together. The colour is available across the full range of Le Creuset products, so stoneware, cast-iron, silicon products and of course the whistling kettles. I had to start somewhere, and so two new fresh Cool Mint ramekins are sitting pretty on my kitchen shelf. I have just purchased the latest issue of Taste Magazine which handily comes with a voucher for 15% discount on Le Creuset… hmm…somehow I sense that a casserole dish will not be far behind!