Ode to the cauliflower

The simple cauliflower has it seems been elevated to super hero status by Tim Noakes and his “Real Meal Revolution”. I have been making cauliflower rice and mash for quite a while now (yes way before Tim Noakes made Banting famous) after hearing and reading about the Paleo diet. This diet is based on the premise that we should eat as our caveman ancestors did and gave me inspiration for recipes and options to eat as a coeliac. With a no grain approach the diet gives great ideas on how to use coconut and almond flour and the humble cauliflower. I am limited to potatoes and rice at the moment as my carbs so I try to find other ingredients that can provide more nutrition and less high GI options on a daily basis.

1405947343  cauliflower rice

I do not follow the Paleo diet specifically as they avoid legumes and dairy and focus on a higher fat diet; I just adapt some of the recipes.  A similar diet is the Primal Diet (visit marksdailyapple.com for more), though in this case dairy can be included. Either way, great inspiration can be found!

Next on my list this week was cauliflower wraps made by Calorie Conscious, available on their website or at Jacksons Real Food Market at the Riverside Shopping Centre in Bryanston. I was at Jacksons early to purchase my wraps (5 for R111) but I have to admit I was not bowled over by the texture,but I think maybe the microwave was not a good idea and the oven might be better option to warm them! Made from cauliflower, psyllium husk, eggs and Himalayan rock salt it all sounds good as a gluten-free option. Jacksons also makes their own “Banting” cauliflower mash and rice. I did buy the cauliflower rice (and yes it tastes very nice) but with the butter and coconut oil they add, I will stick to making this myself and not have the additional fat.

Cauliflower is low in fat, cholesterol free, is a rich source of minerals and vitamin C so give this humble veg a place at your table. Next recipe to tackle…cauliflower hummus!

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